Germany Stock Index - DAXX where can I ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Flashboy, Apr 23, 2003.

  1. Anyone trading the Daxx?? Can you tell me what charting service you're using?

    Also, the price for the live feed if you don't mind..

    I'm using but I don't believe they have the Daxx..

  2. Esignal
  3. mongoose


  4. mytrack

    PS: better liquidity in the eurostoxx
  5. Futuresource
  6. just21


  7. Interactive Brokers datafeed (free)
    Sierrachart charting ($40 per 6 months)
  8. I use Taipan Realtime. I pay about 70 Euros.
  9. My tip: Be careful if you trade the dax. This is a wild beast and in case you are not experienced you will probably be the looser in this game.

    Compared to Dax, ES and NQ trading is rather simple.
  10. Better trade estx50. This is a "fair" game.
    #10     Apr 23, 2003