Germany rebukes UK over Tobin tax opposition

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  1. German frustration over Britain’s approach to the eurozone crisis erupted on Tuesday after a close ally of Angela Merkel accused the UK of selfishness just days before a meeting between the two countries’ leaders in Berlin.

    In a speech to members of the German chancellor’s CDU party, Volker Kauder, its parliamentary leader, criticised Britain for opposing a European tax on financial transactions. To applause, he said it was not acceptable that the UK was “only defending its own interests” rather than that of the wider EU.

    Uk defending its own interest rather than of the wide EU? Never ever! London is "only" defending The City and gives a sh1t about anything else. The braniacs stupid attacks on sovereigns in continental Europe and a Tobin tax should bode well for "City jobs". Bye, bye bonuses. Bye, bye London real estate prices. Bye, bye.
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    Germans and the French are getting arrogant. Full-integration is emerging. Glad the UK told them to get f&cked.
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    way to go, UK, don't let them have u by the balls
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    No, they have always been that way. They are also both just as keen on looking after their own interests and often against the interests of the UK.
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    Seems their interests are a superstate, under their control. Not exactly provincial, is it? More like empire.
  6. 1930s redux?
  7. "The solution" in Europe, just as in the US, is STOP EXCESSIVE SPENDING... not new taxes.
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    It's looking like it.
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    Looks like the Brits are the last bastion of sanity standing in Europe.

  10. EU governments are increasingly backing Germany's views, Mr Kauder said.

    "Now all of a sudden, Europe is speaking German," he said. "Not as a language, but in its acceptance of the instruments for which Angela Merkel has fought so hard, and with success in the end."

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