Germany attacks US economic policy

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  1. even if China wrote off all their treasury holdings at zero cents on the dollar you think that would cause any serious harm? Please thing twice. You may wanna travel China to learn that this country is becoming more and more self-sufficient.

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  2. How much of Chinese soil is arable again?
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  3. China has used the technology and money from USA and other developed countries and now they are becoming more and more self-sufficient. China has used developed countries for its own benefit.

    The same applies to all other poor and developing countries who want Technology and money from rich countries.

    Nobody is helping anybody.
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  4. Agreed. At least a couple of brass ball political leaders actually are speaking the truth.

    BUT : where are the same politicians when it comes to criticize China´s currency policy ? The truth is the yuan is extraordinarily undervalued and China serves as the world´s industrial outplacement country.

    And not to speak about China´s influence on JPY ( in the last year or so ) and the EUR "stabilization". China has tremendously influenced exchange rates. 1% change in their reserve basket has already huge implications on currency rates.
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  5. I read Chinese has much less arable land than India but greater agricultural productivity.

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  6. All why America tries to SCREW EVERYBODY... except for our "deficit spending justification" wars, of course.

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  7. "LOL, you seem to live in the past..."

    If people do not learn their lessons from past mistakes, people are doomed to repeat these same mistakes in the future.

    ..."the Germans don't hate anybody except the lazy people coming to this country to only tap the social welfare system without giving anything in you belong to this group and now face harder times?"

    I am a third generation middle-class working American. We have plenty of lazy people here too that tap the welfare system without giving much back in return and it is a problem here as well.

    "keep on taking words out of context to prove your 'hate' theories"

    I suppose Germany's history of genocide, racism, anti-semitism and unprovoked murder of millions of people are merely "hate theories". Those "theories" were put into practice by your past leaders to the detriment of mankind.

    Your Chancellor Merkels words were direct quotes, not taken out of context. Yes she was referring to your immigrant issues, but she said "Everybody" must conform to "Christian" values, or they're not wanted in Germany. Do you have "Christian" values? If so, I would like to know what these specifically are as Markel has not published a book entitled "German Christian Values 101" yet.

    "that's entertaining, Mr. Al-Kaida...but you should use your energy otherwise...honestly"

    I can hear your German accent coming through loud and clear. My energies could not be put to better use than to counter the insidious intentions that lie at the core of German ideology.
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  8. mahadiga


    To fix India,
    Talk to Indian Govt and create H1B type special visas for Americans viz no income taxes, special protection from local police, free govt transport etc.

    To fix China,
    Imports goods from China.
    Refurbish those goods and export them back to China.

    Hope this will alleviate some of the American woes.
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  9. Without question, as China's currency is close to worthless without them retaining value. With a worthless currency, their economy based on importing raw materials priced in hard currency will collapse.

    China is very much boxed in. The US has very serious issues as well, of course, but China being in a dependent position is even more precariously poised.
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  10. Completely agree. China is not responsible for US trade policy - the US is responsible for US trade policy.

    At root, voters are getting exactly what they've been voting for these past 40 years or so.
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