germany and the EU

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did Germany make a mistake by joining the EU

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  1. zdreg


    what benefits does germany get from subsidizing in the billions the latin members and probably also eastern european members of the EU?
  2. Where does Germany sell their stuff?

    Go to an electronics store in any of those countries and you'll be surprised at how many things are made in Germany.

    And Germany's mercedes in Europe are not exactly the luxury you see here. They cover all markets, last I was in Greece, many if not most of the cabs were Mercedes.

    Germany has a similar relationship with those countries that China has with the US. I'm not saying it's sustainable...
  3. * Greece: Feta cheese and Metaxa
    * Spain: Iberian ham and Sherry
    * Portugal: Piri-Piri and Madeira
    * Italy: Parmigiano Reggio and Grappa

    and finally:

    * Eastern Europe: Cheap prostitutes

    Plenty of incentives for Germans to keep the European dream alive :cool:
  4. Don't forget only 2 generations ago Germany was the most hated country in the world and throughout large segments of the european population, especially the older ones, they are still heavily despised on up untill today.

    They have made tremendous progress as far as image goes with the younger generation though and they will be very reluctant to see such a trend move back in reverse again.

    They will cut themselves in the flesh to wash away the shame of their past once and for all.
  5. Your question shows your understanding of the situation is nill. Germany could not survive without the EU. They would have to compete directly with US and Asia. The countries that joined EU provided a buffer for Germany to sell its products. This is why the EU keeps becoming bigger. Now, some countries cannot buy any more. They have nothing to sell - in terms of public wealth - to buy German products. They are not needed any longer.

    You get the point? EU was a Franco-German scam and peripheral nations bought into it because their governments were corrupt enough to have a sound economy of their own.

    Euro is a scam and a currency that has no future. You will see that...
  6. Italy: G-7 nation. Heavy industry and exports but corrupted politicians. A very powerful economy from pasta to Ferraris.

    Greece: controls 20% of international dry, oil and product shipping. That is tremendous wealth Greeks do not want to share with Germans and hide it in offshore companies.

    The cheapest prostitutes are in Japan, the latest I heard.

    FYI Makloda...
  7. zdreg


    did Germany let in the albainian mafia in order to keep the supply of prostitutes flowing?

    your answer may be tongue in cheek but u probably believe it.
    why did Germany waste billions of dollars subsidizing greek agriculture besides being cheated by the Greeks of billions in fake subsidies
  8. zdreg


    corrupt governments don't usually have sound economies.
  9. Mnphats


    Lunch time. :p
  10. Sorry, I meant to say "their governments were corrupt enough NOT to have a sound economy of their own"
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