Germany and France join to block hedge fund rules

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  1. Germany has joined forces with France in an effort to block new European Union hedge fund regulations, which could allow funds and managers outside the 27-bloc to obtain pan-EU marketing rights or a “passport".

    This issue has stymied any political pact on the proposed new rules which would regulate managers of hedge funds and private equity funds across the EU for the first time.
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    these hedge funds and investment funds have more cash/money than banks do.and more power...these guys call the shots and politicians have to answer their phone calls or else.

    a lot of ex-gov't employees when they leave public service jobs work for these hedge funds and investement funds..go figure.

    goldman sachs has infiltrated the US gov't. organize crime banksters have infiltrated and corrupted gov't at the highest level.

    criminal activity ignored by regulators. under investigation for years and no prosecutions due to insufficient evidence extend investigation.

  3. Tsing Tao

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    good to know that the US isnt the only country with bought and paid for politicians.