Germany : • A financial transactions tax will be introduced.

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  1. People will just buy gold instead!:)

    And if Merkel tries to curtail the purchasing of gold for the German people... She will be dragged out of her office by her hair.
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    This is coming to the US as well. Get ready for taxation out the ass.
  3. "Defence Minister Karl Theodor zu Guttenberg (CSU) has been assigned the task of researching how the current 250,000 soldiers can be reduced to 40,000."

    what ajoke
  4. The proposed U.S. transaction tax will start out very low, and go up very slowly.
  5. That's easy. Just let America open more bases.
  6. clacy


    German Army = Worthless Anyway
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    The U.S. is not enacting a transaction tax.
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    Germans scrambling to pay that 30 year old Greek hairdresser's retirement checks. Suckers.
  9. You obviously have absolutely no idea what you're talking about and have done zero research on the subject.
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