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  1. Greetings, fellow traders. And that's as nice as I get.

    I just found this site on a web search for YM traders, Google of course. I will post my trades in real time and summarize results at the end of the day. Why do I want to do this? I don't know, just for the hell of it. If I get bored, I will quit posting and keep trading. I also like to pontificate about trading and life in whatever bent I feel like, so be ready for some occasional piles of crap writing to scroll through while you're looking for my next trading post.

    Background: Computer programmer, Dodge diesel driver, homeowner and private pilot. Debt-free and proud of it. Call me a hick. I make money and I don't chew. Got into stocks in 2000, options in 2001 and futures in 2006. I trade the YM exclusively. No, I don't hedge. Either I have it right or I don't. I trade in cash unless I don't follow my system, then I might hit the sim for a day and watch the next day's profit go pissing down the toilet.

    I've seen too many sites where people claim this or that, and I just wonder how much crap they stuff into their lies about profitability, so I figure the best I can do is to post my trades in real time, and to hell with those who don't like my results. It's my money. It's just a cheap thrill for me to know that my trades are published where anyone can verify them if they claim I'm lying. Then, they can read the timestamps. I'm not interested in explaining my system, so if the posted trades aren't enough for you, I guess you will just have to join those calling me a liar.

    Enough talk. I'll start posting trades whenever I get around to it. I will trade two contracts each trade for now, meaning I will start with a single and add a second if I feel the need.
  2. Shouldn't you be trading the DAX? You gotta keep it real.
  3. The YM is a good training ground for the DAX30. Once you are trading more than 8 contracts on the YM, you should look into the Dax to reduce your commisions and get more "bang for your buck".

    Unless you have reduced commissions and like to work multiple orders, scaling in and scaling out, you should look into the "Dancing Dax".

    looking forward to your trades.
  4. Best of luck to you and I look forward to reading your journal.
  5. Looking forward to reading it. Good luck.
  6. Pekelo


    I was really looking forward to reading this journal because quoting from the Shamwow commercial:

    "Those Germans make good products." :)
  7. Long 9:34 @ 11585.
  8. Added 9:34 @ 11581.
  9. Flat 9:36 +18.
  10. Short 9:43 @ 11581.
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