Germans got the shaft?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by noob_trad3r, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Why did they join the Euro currency deal? So Germany spends all these years cutting pensions,services,wages raising taxes etc.. so they have money saved for a rainy day and now all that money is going to Bail out Greece which kept on raising pensions etc..

    So The germans cut thier services and use the money so Greeks do not have to cut thiers.

    I cant believe that the germans are not pissed about this and going ahead with the bailout.

    So how was joining the Euro good for Germans, The UK did not join.
  2. For the fantasy of a bigger empire. U.K. did not join because it has Anaglo Saxon economy: U.S., Aus, Can, and NZ, which are all pretty much controlled by same small group of Jewish bank families, who are calling the shots.
  3. More and more this Euro Currency since 1999 along with the polices designed to eliminate sovereignty are looking like the biggest scam to privatize public wealth ever invented.
  4. Booh hoo hoo those poor Germans.

    They should know the drill, national currency or not.

    Boom and bust.

    Nothing anyone can do to stop it.
  5. Germany just needs to roll a few panzers to Greece, like they did 70 years ago when the Greeks started acting up, to show they mean business. I'm sure their budget would then be balanced in a heartbeat.
  6. Germans have been pussiefied and castrated. They will bend over and hand over the money the poor German population had to pay dearly for.

    All that cost cutting, only to end up in the pockets of Greece at the expense of the German population who got the short end of the deal.