Germans are buying NYSE!!

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  1. Anyone interested in this stuff I thought it was important to post ?
  2. Old news in the internet world. This was already discussed in a couple of other threads.
  3. isn't it the other way round?
  4. "Germans are buying NYSE!! "

    Expect trading to become more brutal.
  5. sorry seems you're right
    german shareholders will hold 60% of the new company

  6. 200 year old iconic institution gets bought by 18 year old firm.

    how silly.
  7. feels a bit like aol buying time warner ;-)
  8. GiantDog


    If this is true it is really messed up. :mad:
  9. thought the same exact thing. :D :confused:

    but what do we know? we're not big shot super smart ceo's, at least im not.
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