German view of Bernanke

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    It is always interesting to see how others see us:,1518,547317,00.html

    "The dollar is in a tailspin, the trade deficit is growing and a recession is on the horizon. The American way of life is in serious danger. But the head of the Federal Reserve keeps on pumping easy credit into the system -- a crazy policy that will worsen the crisis."
  2. Especially a country who caused the deaths of 40 million people just 60 years ago.

  3. America is not so innocent anymore.
  4. They never were, Slavery anyone? You actually owned humans like they were cattle.

  5. Better take note of this.

    The Germans speak from experience: they tried to do the same thing back in the 1940's. A few big companies controlling the government and starting war's under false pretences on different fronts.

    It's no different with the US this time around. E.g. "Let's find some scapegoats to blame everything on".

    It reminds me of the old saying "but this time it is different", yeah right. If there is one thing that history teaches us is that mankind learns squat from history and that they keep on doing the same stupid thing.

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    Not sure what that has to do with the German view of Bernanke. Most if not nearly every important civilization throughout history has had slaves at some point. How come the US is virtually the only one ever mentioned?
  7. and basically all those responsible are dead...
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    Grow Up!
  9. WTF?
  10. How insightful..

    Did your big colorful book of history for 5 year olds tell you that?
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