German TV stations admit errors in Tibet coverage

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    N-TV said that a still photograph and a video sequence shown on March 20 in a report about Tibet had in fact been taken in Nepal. It said editors had noticed the error and subsequently replaced the images.

    "We are extremely sorry," an N-TV spokesman said in Cologne.

    RTL's website, , said late Sunday, "It's true that amid our detailed reporting on the Tibet conflict, there was one case where a picture was displayed in the wrong context.

    "The picture actually shows security forces in Nepal. It was taken on March 17 in the capital Kathmandu while Nepalese security forces were responding with truncheons to demonstrators protesting against Chinese policies in Tibet.

    "We erroneously created the impression that the scene was of the unrest in Tibet and showed Chinese security forces.

    "We apologize for this error, while pointing out that reports without bias," the news site said.
  2. So we've been all watching Nepal police cracking down on monks. Someone needs some geography education.

    Also Fox News had been using a photo of Indian police arresting a terrorist for their coverage of "Chinese crackdown in Tibet." Of course you'll never get an apology from Fox.
  3. This is one of most commonly used tricks by western media.

    "We erroneously created the impression that the scene was of the unrest in Tibet and showed Chinese security forces."

    After achieving malignant slander,
    they may issue a fine print regret on some unnoticed corner a week later.

  4. Since western media have been lying so many times, I will never trust them again.

  5. More on western media's "mistakes"
    In addition to German TV stations and newspapers, this one also exposes BBC, CNN, Washington Post, and Fox News.

    It really makes you wonder how all of them would make the same kind of mistakes at the same time.
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    How about this one from FOX on Yahoo news. This was broadcast on 3-25. They are talking about the Tibet situation and the Olympic boycott, yet the screen keeps on showing the videos and pictures of Nepalese police arresting the protesters, no mention of Nepal by the anchor or label on TV.

    This was intentional, designed to confuse the public and fan the flames.

    Murdoch and FOX: "journalistic integrity? What is that? Never heard of it."

    Fair and Balanced ... FOX style
  7. CNN is no different.