German Traders?

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by sunseeker, Oct 25, 2003.

  1. Are there any German speaking Traders on this board?

    And what boards are out there for german speaking traders?
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  5. Vielen Dank an Alle für die Infos.

    Franz, speziellen Dank für diesen Link.. genau sowas habe ich gesucht! Die anderen kenne ich bereits, jedoch habe ich noch nicht gekannt. Mein erster Eindruck ist, dass dies endlich eine gute deutsche Online Community sein könnte. Werde mich dort mal ein bisschen einlesen.

    Danke und beste Grüsse, Sunseeker
  6. I was looking at a German trading forum once, I believe it had something "futures" or "termin" in the URL, and there really wasn't much there. The discussions were of the kind:

    "Do I pay lower capital gains taxes in Germany or in Austria?"

    "Who cares? Don't pretend there is anyone who actually has capital gains. Don't you know all gamblers lose in the long run?"

    "If we are all losers, how come we are posting here?"

    "It's true, most futures traders lose."

    "But there could be some who make money."

    "Maybe a few lucky ones."
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    Interesting thing lobster.

    What´s the clue ?

    You are able reading german language ?

    Full respect.

    Peace, Franz :p
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    obviously opens the trash section of this thread....

    Just my thoughts, no offence.
  9. Wie ist denn das zu verstehen?
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