German Trader seeks Prop. Firm

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  1. Hi!
    I´m an independent trader and I´m located in Germany.
    I´m trading for 15 month now ending positive each month for 12 times in a row.

    I´m trading NASDAQ stocks exclusively at the moment. As soon as NYSE will switch to an similar execution system I will trade NYSE too.
    My trading style is more conservative taking 1-5 trades per day, depending on the market conditions.
    All trades are daytrades, no position is held overnight.

    I´m making money on a regular basis around 2-10% per month. That isn't very spectacular but my equity curve is quite smooth.

    My problems are:

    - My private account isn't big enough. So I´m working in a regular job at the moment. I´m doing this for 15 month now and I will not be able to keep on doing this until my account is big enough. Its very exhausting and there are problems with family and friends.

    - The currency risk. switching all my money into $ is far to dangerous. Other way around I could get problems with the SEC 25k rule if the Eur/Dollar legs down to 1.10. You never know. At the moment I´m using the multicurrency account of which enables me to trade in Dollars.

    If there are prop firms interested in european trader please contact me via PM or at tumb99(at)

    Thx a lot and good trading
  2. Hi!
    actually I didn't get any response (only one pm, no email).


    - not enough experience?
    - not enough volume?
    - bad performance?
    - because of nasdaq stocks only?
    - because I´m not located in the US?
    - because my english is quite awful? :)

    I´m sitting here with 35k+ and I´m searching for a good prob deal. Its possible to make the series 7 here too.

    I would def. trade higher volume when I would get better commissions. But IMO its hard to scalp with around 2 cent down because of the commissions.

    Thx a lot!
  3. i dunno, maybe because bright trading doesn't have an office in germany?

  4. laocoon


    I just sent you a PM