German Stock Exch. Closes Neuer Markt

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  1. After suffering through a five-year roller coaster ride, the German stock exchange on Thursday bid farewell to its Neuer Markt segment, thereby bringing about an end to the high-growth dreams of the era.

    The Deutsche Börse AG, the company which operates the German stock exchange, announced late Thursday that it planned to shut the door on its technology and high-growth Neuer Markt segment by the end of 2003. The closure is part of a major drive to overhaul the structure of the stock exchange, create market transparency and boost investor confidence.

    Germany’s Neuer Markt, once touted as Europe’s answer to the tech-heavy U.S. Nasdaq, was launched in April 1997 as the leading European market for new economy issues. Young, growth-oriented companies from the fields of telecommunications, biotechnology and multi-media were listed in what was intended to be a fast-track path to high dividends.

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    i wonder when this will happen to the nasdaq?? j/k :D
  3. How many Nasdaq stocks trade over $20/share now? A small percentage I'd guess. Certainly lessens the need for intraday scanners, as it is not too hard to watch the 6 or 7 stocks that have decent volume and have a share price that makes it interesting to trade them.
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