German seniors kidnap, torture financial advisor

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  1. Pretty harsh commentary at the end. What do you think about that. The guy is basically saying that people like us should be kidnapped and tortured.
  2. For all you "Manage OPM Wannabes"... better have your health and life insurance paid up... :D
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    If you do not think someone who lost the life savings of one who is no longer capable of earning an income deserves to be tortured, you are part of the problem.
  4. Morons?
  5. If the investor thoroughly informed the client of all the possible risks involved, they deserve 0 punishment of any kind, never mind torture.

    If the investor invested the client's money in risky assets either against their will or without proper consent and disclosure, the client has the right to sue for their money back. Again, no right to torture or vigilante justice of any sort.

    This is a civilized country and every man has the legal right of being innocent before proven guilty in a court of law.
  6. To quote one of the greatest minds of our time, Paris Hilton:

    "That's Hot."
  7. People are only "civilized" during bull markets. Don't confuse pragmatism with naivety. :cool:
  8. I dont know that they lost their life savings. Says the article they lost 2 million and they they were all wealthy. But basically what you are saying is that if you ever do a business with someone and you dont make money, you have the right to torture that person?

    Lets apply that logic to housing. Lets say you bought a house in 2006 and the home went down in value from say 350k to 200k. Now lets say you are a decent guy and not a deadbeat in this scenario and you decide to keep paying on the mortgage. Should the bank have the right to kidnap and torture you because now the loan that they gave you is more than the house is worth? Because now the bank cant sell your loan to anyone for anywhere near what the face value is. Isnt it YOUR fault for buying that house at the peak. So shouldnt the bank get to torture you even though YOU did nothing wrong and it was purely the economic conditions that caused the house to go down in value?
  9. They lost most of their money to a financial advisor?

    Now they will lose the remaining, to attorneys.
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