German Oct. jobless numbers fall 26,000

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  1. German Oct. jobless rate falls to 8.1% vs 8.2% Sep

    That's really rock solid. I don't know how the Germans manage it, but respectable success.
  2. wages below 1Euro/hour are not unknown.
  3. Alexis


    LOL which would do... +/-160 euros a month?

    Germany is no developping country, you know?
  4. It's called "Kurzarbeit" and other government subsidies :cool:
  5. As if the US, hell, any other country in the world isnt expanding it's government to ofset a contraction in the private sector.

    So why not agree they all do it and judge the quality of the government sector country by country.
  6. ABM ? :)
  7. Germany has a deep history in government created jobs. Auto Bahn Mass-Employment :cool:

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    That's BS, they have minimum-wages by law (don't know how much though).
  9. These are the so called "mini-jobs". Some very very hard workers earn up to 400Euros/month.
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    Hmmm..... but if that would be true, then they aren't counted for full in the "jobless claims" for which the OP started this thread.
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