German index traders tell me this ptII.

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    Greetings all

    Can anyone provide me with more information regarding the opening and closing phases on the DAX30. Both futures and stock market. More importantly the opening phases. I need the following clarified:

    DAX30 Futures (FDAX)
    Pre-trading - 7.30am to ???
    Opening auction ??? to ???
    Open for normal trading- 8am? or 9am? to ???

    The eurex website just isn't comprehensive enough. They have a section explaining the phases but no times only listing pre-trading from 7.30 and hours as 7.30 to 22.00 so I am having trouble constructing a timeline.

    For the Xetra regular stock market I got:

    Pre-trading - 7.30am to 8.50am
    Opening auction 8.50 to 8.59:59am
    Open for normal trading- 9am? to 5.30
    Closing Auction 5.30-5.35pm
    Post trading 5.36pm - 8.30pm

    please confirm.

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    Managed to get a solve after Eurex replied to an email with an explanation and link. Turns out the info is listed under the specific investment products specs but it wasn't much better than what I had found else where on the site. Lucky they included an explanation.

    Now to plunder it's riches.