German Hypo Real Estate Dead

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  1. see below statement. This will put massive pressure on european bank stocks on Monday. Only chance is they find a bailout on sunday but this would involve a volume of 100 billion Euro instead of 35 billion, I doubt German gouvernment will like to throw this much money at HRE.
    Pressure on Commerzbank and Deutsch Bank likely.

    Hypo Real Estate Group makes statement on current situation
    - Rescue package currently withdrawn
    Munich, 4 October 2008 - The EUR 35 billion rescue package promised
    to the Hypo Real Estate Group and extending into 2009 announced last
    week is currently withdrawn. The intended rescue package involved a
    liquidity line to be provided by a consortium of several financial
    institutions. The consortium has now declined to provide the line. The
    Group is now in the process of determining the consequences of this
    for the legal entities within the Group. Alternative measures are being
  2. Deutsche Bank is safe... they are very fiscally conservative.

    DB's auditors took a look at Hypo and saw that it was likely that Hypo needed 3 times as much as they had hinted as needing for getting through... DB then withdrew from negotiations, and it seems likely that the the government will have to bail them out, since the secondary effects of Hypo failing are great.

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    Here is the video

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