German Gold-dispensing ATMs coming to USA

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    Tsing Tao

    this is the type of stuff you see at a top
  2. Anybody here from Abu Dhabi, Bergamo, Madrid or Germany who has collected gold bars from these Gold-dispensing ATMs. I know there are rich people here in elitetrader.
  3. very true, the absolute top will be when getting gold teeth will be pitched as investing in yourself
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    OP you beat me to posting this article. First thing I thought when I saw this article is that the bubble is expanding, not ready to pop just yet but were getting there.
  5. LOL,

    Uh huh. See if those "UNEMPLOYED" or even EMPLOYED US citizens do not try and hijack the machine... unless they post 24 hour armed guards.

    My money is that they will not last in Vegas or the other two cities for long.
  6. Who needs 1,5 and ten grams of gold ? LOL !

    By the way : strong sell. Now that everybody is 1.000.000 % sure we will have inflation / deflation...

    Short 1306.20 and better.
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    Just this announcement imo doesnt signal an immediate sell signal, the bubble always grows far beyond the point where it seems like a sale until it pops. I think a good example of this is $100/barrel oil, seemed like a sure sale, shorts got pummeled up to $147 until the correction came into full effect.
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    nice amounts for everyday transactions.
    problem is that the markup from these machines are very high.
    1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams
  9. Don't call my name frivolously
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