German GDP climbs 2.5% during third quarter; no export boost

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  1. German GDP rose 2.5% during the third quarter from last year, or up 0.7% from the last quarter, according to the Federal Statistics Office. The growth came on capital formation in machinery and equipment and in construction. A moderate increase in household consumption also helped. A marked increase in imports offset exports, it said

    Oppss...I forgot, ET members just discussing U.S. economy...
  2. Looks like the federal Autobahn construction program is keeping the employed off the street. Good work by zee Germans.
  3. The numbers would have been +2.0% and +0.3% without Porsche's trading gains.
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    NAH! -- good work by the Gastarbeiter ("guest worker" -- most Germans won't do this type of work -- I lived there for 8 years and have first-hand knowledge of this ethic). However, please note that these ARE LEGAL RESIDENTS, as opposed to the illegal immigrants in the USA :D :D :D


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  5. I'm amazed the Germans allow anything but blue-eyed caucasians in their Reich :p
  6. LOL !!!!! :D