German FDP expert calls for Greek euro zone exit

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  1. May 31 (Reuters) - A leading finance expert of the junior coalition partner in Germany's parliament called on Tuesday for debt-laden Greece to exit the euro zone.

    "As long as Greece hasn't privatised a single cent worth of assets, increasing the aid would be absolutely the wrong signal," Free Democrat parliamentarian Frank Schaeffler told business daily Handelsblatt.

    "At the same time governments must help with an orderly euro zone exit," added Schaeffler, one of the loudest dissenting voices against Greek aid in the FDP. Athens should restructure its debt and private creditors should participate in the restructuring, he said. (Reporting by Brian Rohan and Christiaan Hetzner)
  2. Not news coming from that guy (not saying i disagree, just that it's not news).
  3. Schaeffler is a clueless populist...:cool: