German Chamber of Commerce warns China : Plagiarism must end

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    This is what nobody mentions when they talk about China in such breathless terms.

    Ultimately it's still a semi-gangster state which means it can't be taken too seriously. Deception, trickery, thieving and outright fraud are standard business practices.

    Maybe take a generation for the country to ease out of this line of thought.
  2. Ancient Roman Empire started from a full-gangster humble beginning of banditry. :D

  3. I think it will take much much longer than that.
  4. how about when the west plagiarised paper-making from the Chinese 1300 yrs ago when they copied it via arabia? germany would still be in the stone age
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    Kewl, we have two choices now.

    A carbon copy of the Roman Empire filled to the brim with imperialist scum bent on taking over the world and making it more 'civilized and democratic'. Or another giant country who's intentions are largely unknown but we all know if someone pisses them off it will end up being World War 3.
  6. I guess that's a good point to think about. What are we fighting about? We're fighting about companies that wish to keep their monopoly position through non sense like patents and brands. Let the free market live! Mercedes-quality for a much cheaper price.

    Unfortunately that's not the only issue, the dominant issue might be the power of China's government, which is unpredictable and wants to steal today's technology but TOMORROW might prefer to protect its own patents and brands once it acquired them. They don't seem to be the kind who believe in free markets, they don't really seem to believe in sharing the wealth..
  7. ...and so did the United States and Australia. People set foot on the American continent thinking they can take at their own discretion whatever is there with complete disregard to whom things belong.

    Australia was first targeted to drop off convicted criminals to have them as far away from Europe as possible.

    While in my opinion standardized laws and the application of those are one of the most pressing issues aside the fight against corruption it would be a grave mistake not to take China and its growing economy serious. It has already taken over the American car market just few days ago (10 years earlier than predicted) and that is not because some car makers copy designs. Its because of the huge buying power and sheer size that enables this countries to soon outgrow anybody else. Had there not been a cultural revolution China may well have been the number 1 in many economical aspect for many years already.

    Of course do I want to see equal opportunities, no corruption, euqal treatment under one unified law for everybody in China. This is not yet the case and this and China's growth and further potential should not be mixed up.

  8. dont be so stupid. Was there no patents and brand protection no company would ever invest into innovation because everybody would simply copy it for no cost. All companies would strive for the cheapest and the mass market only. If you are a cheapo that may be where you want all companies to be but not everyone may think along your lines...

  9. Neither do we, unless it's too our benefit.
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