german bund 'core' trading hours and market profile

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  1. background.
    1. A couple of years ago, the bund had a fixed open about 8am ( i dont remember exactly). I have not traded it for years, and now I want to come back. I realized they extended the trading hours to 1:15-22:00, near 24 hours a day.

    2. I plan to mostly focus on the five minute chart.

    what are the 'core' trading hours for the bund, in Central european time? or cash session? Does it change for the summer time?
    Should I set it to the euromean stock market trading hours? or simply leave it 24 hours?

    purpose of the question
    1. First, I would like to get rid of prices/candles outside the 'core' hours in my all my charts, especially my MP.
    For the e-mini S&P, most of my charts only show from 9:30-16:15 (ny time) since I think thats the most significant and the patterns from the end of previous trading day often continues into the open. (what would be the equivalent hours for the bund?)

    2. for market profile, if my leave my chart to show trading from all hours, the profile becomes unecessarily large and unhelpful.
    This is especially true about IB (initial balance), which used to inform my trading decision a lot.

    Perhaps I should leave my daily and hourly chart as is at 00-24, set my profile to 8-18 and my 5 min to 8-22?
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    bund trading starts during the Asian session.
    But the volume traded during the Asian session is rather low.

    During the US session, bund might move due to the US bonds movement.

    So you might want to focus on bund mainly during the Eur session, and perhaps the US session too.
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  3. AbbotAle


    7am London to about 4-5pm.
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    forgM about the 5M, I use 15M and 30M for everything I trade.
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    The Bund ain't what it used to be. Not by a long shot. The US Ten Year Note future trades about twice the daily volume.

    Eurex pretty much destroyed the market in early 2000's by letting the Bank Members get by with all kinds of shady shit, including outright market manipulation of both the futures markets and the underlying CTD. Eurex also had a nasty habit of cancelling trades when they were mistakes made by bank members - this blew out many independent traders. Probably the most famous one was in the DAX.

    If the European hours are your prime time work hours, then by all means. Go for it. But know full well that the German Banks get data leaked to them by the Bundesbank and the ECB, and that the underlying cash markets exclude most foreign participation and are heavily manipulated.
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