German boom creates ECB policy nightmare as south lags

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  1. Germany has the right economic policy. The US is so shitty. I can't believe Geithner and Bernanke. They are so fucking dumb. You can't print and spend your way out of a world economic breakdown crisis. You have to restructure and get rid of the bad policies that put the economy there in the first place. Germany is a great model.
  2. Not really. Ask anyone who works in production how shitty things get when the economy stalls. Germany is high on the fumes of its own bailout, and reliant on the currency bubbles of Asia to keep demand stoked.
  3. It seems that we transfer $ to china and the arabs for oil and cheap goods. The big sububan trucks and vans (14 miles per gallon) are filled with sh1t from walmart and targee . Not much later all the shit is dumped to the land fields and new shit is bought over and over...stupid speaking bass and shit like that...

    At the same time we also spend $$$$ on stupid wars to make it easier for the Germans and Chinese to trade. And contribute to the international community more than all of the rest contributors combined.

    Minwhile the Chinese and Arabs are buying quality stuff from Germany..... With our $$$

    It is time to stop buying stupid shit make all cars run on electricity build 20 fucking nuclear plants and 20 solar plants and show them the middle finger...
  4. Ivan... I didn't know being a bigot was a trading strategy. Your whitey next door neighbor friends are ripping you off as much as any foreigner ever will. And your neighbors who have defaulted on their home loan but the kids have the latest ipod, imac, iphone and the hubby is really into the apple tv.... what about them?
  5. Circa 1950

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    Geithner and them don't give a rat's ass about the economy, their bailout policies allow Trillions to flow through their sticky little fingers to their friends with more sticky fingers... they know they can bullshit the voters to keep on voting for their policies so they do what they do...
  7. So 50 years of "made in Germany" export quality products like Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW and Porsche are simply a "coincidence" ?

    Germany on the fumes of its own bailout ?

    Germans are the biggest cross-border customers of Swiss banks with about 280.6 billion francs of assets...

    Sight deposits of domestic non-banks ( according to the latest Bundesbank report Sep 2010 ) : EUR 1084 billion.

    Time deposits : EUR 1061 billion

    Savings deposits : EUR 606 billion

    Bank savings bonds : EUR 98 billion

    Total in deposits : EUR 2851 billion

    GDP : EUR 2631 billion

    Exports : EUR 1120 billion

    Export surplus : EUR 135 billion
  8. It was Germany's brilliant economic model that led to hyperinflation after WWI.

    Then they started WWII.

    Don't trust the Germans. They have nothing to be proud of - unless you consider their history of aggression, racism and genocide to be proud attributes of a civilized society.

    By the way, have you heard the German Chancellor's comments lately - sounds like Hitler all over again.

    You'd think these people would have learned their lessons.

    Long live the USA... for the sake of the whole world.