Georgie thinks the economy sucks

Discussion in 'Economics' started by saxon, Jan 20, 2004.

  1. saxon


    If an incumbent president CAN, he is much better off waving the front page of the Wall Street Journal during a campaign, than waving the American flag. In the end, people care more about their pocket books than they do about political ideology and patriotism.

    So why has the president spent most of the first 35 mins of his speech trying to defend the war in Iraq? An issue on which he is vulnerable...from attacks by the Democratic candidates which are sure to come, and a general skepticism among the American people?

    Answer: Bush thinks that the US economy will STILL pretty much suck in November 2004.

    Place your bets accordingly.

  2. What does this have to do with trading or Elite Trader?

  3. saxon


    Think hard now...

  4. Winston


    More pinko crappola, as that great 70's icon coined.
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    It's got a slight economic flavor to it, so it stays in the Economic Forum. For the moment, anyway. I expect this will wander away from Economics by tomorrow, and I'll file this under chit-chat if that happens. If it stays on the topic of Economics, I'll be happy to keep it here.
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    LOL!! You guys kill me.

    I guess I need to spell it out for the slow ones in the class. I'm basically making the point that the President of the United States does not feel that the economic recovery is going to be a strong enough issue for him to focus his campaign around in the Fall. (Economics...did you get that one?)

    And if he is correct, it is not too great a leap to assume, that might have some effect on the stock market. (Trading...did you get that one?)

  7. DK_


    I got it saxon, the economy does suck

    I think his speech sounded heavy in class division

    - Jobs for aliens but not middle-class Americans

    - Tax cuts "need not be taken away"
  8. Mecro


    He kept mentioning increasing manufacturing jobs.

    But there is very little he say when people can't find work as their jobs are being exported out.
  9. Cutten


    He's just hedging his bets. If the economy is doing well in September, you can bet your ass that he'll be mentioning it at every opportunity.
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    I pretty much just trade what I see (and hope I see things clearly). Fundamentals (such as how what the President says, or intuiting how what he said masks or reveals some other underlying condition) is way too complex for me; I always think there is something I don't know. So I just follow the charts day by day and stay flat by the close.
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