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  1. fandyur


    I'm up in Blairsville,Ga.
    Any other futures traders in the area ?
  2. Aren't there just two cities in Georgia.....Atlanta and Not Atlanta? :cool:
  3. fandyur


    You're right, I'm lost
  4. nome


    Well, I'm probably closer to you then anyone else you're gonna find on here. I live in Ball Ground, Ga. I thought I lived out in the country but looks like you've got me beat. I looked up Blairsville on Wikipedia and it says there are only 659 people living in the 'city', if such a word could be applied to that small a group of people. I imagine there's nothing up there to do but trade or drink and go shooting.

    So what do you trade?
  5. fandyur


    Well, a fellow Georgian.

    I trade Eurodollars and Eurodoallar spreads.
    The interset rate Eurodollar.
    And you?
  6. nome


    I daytrade the good old emini S&P 500 futures. I will daytrade the emini Nasdaq 100 and mini Dow occasionally if I see a setup I like but I mostly focus on the ES. I also swing trade options on various stocks/etfs. Mostly selling spreads and profiting from the time decay. I concentrate on trading a handful of things I understand well while also keeping one eye on everything else. I've found this way works better for me then trying to watch 100 stocks looking for favorable setups to trade.

    Trading eurodollars sounds like it must be interesting. Which broker do you use? I know a bit about eurodollars but thought they were a market only institutional traders had access to so never looked to deeply into it. Unless you want to tell me you're running a big hedge fund up there in Blairsville or something. :)
  7. fandyur


    No big hedge fund, just a small time trader.
    I was looking for a commodity that traded alot of months
    and the margin was reasonable.
    It turned out to be Eurodollars.
    I've been doing it for several years.
    I've done more work with the spreads than the outrights.
    I've become comfortable with both of them.
    I looked into other commodities and found each one has its own quirks and tempo.
    I'm a position trader, hoping to stay in a trade for weeks, hopefully months.
  8. jwalley


    Hey Nome,

    I am real close to you in Jasper. Just off the 515 at 108. I trade the index futures as well but just getting back started again with it.

    Let me know if you care to hook up sometime for coffee or something.

  9. What an exciting first post for an not so new member. :p
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