Georgia Gulf

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  1. I took this position on today...Mostly because I needed some more exposure in this sector, but this thing is dirt cheap and in some small way a play on value investors coming back to value plays...The market is begining to look expensive and they will want somewhere safe to store their gains....GGC is one of the only cheap cyclicals that I can find today...

    This is Low risk and a long term hold...

    I did buy some Cameco today as well...CCJ

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  2. What's up $COST? I trust you are well?

    GGC longtime loser why not take a peek at Spartech <SEH> I'm looking LONG for this starting early next week. I'm expecting a 2 week correction so I hope to pick it up closer to $28 and change but since I've begun work on it it's stairstepped from $27.40 to $28.13 ,
    should of bought then! To $30. crazy up action!

  3. ADDED LYO....

    Another chemical.....I will add if it goes lower....

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  4. I woke up this morning and my first thought was georgia gulf. You might think I have a boring life but it's the truth. I don't have a good reason but I think a rally may come now in this $COST pick. Sure enough I just looked at todays action and I like what I see off a big base as you know... Are you still involved?> stoney
  5. LYO looked good too. let us know
  6. GGC and LYO has been a good long term hold for me in the BASIC Chemical selection....GGC is trading too cheap and the housing market will eb and flow, but GGC should begin to get its act together.....HUN has also had a well run.... Cheap chemicals were a great place to be in a falling crude and Nat gas Market while the old buyout rumors may still be in the works for this one...LYO what can I say 24 to 29 some profits were taken on the big move yesterday....

  7. I woke up this morning and I got myself a beer. :D
  8. Man, are GGC and LYO on a run. Thanks for sharing that.