George Zimmerman's wife charged with perjury

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    Sounds like the prosecuter is trying to lynch the whole family to appease black extremists. We need to get this warped mentality out of our justice system.
  2. Clearly harassment! The judge and prosecutor need to be tossed out. Their political bias prevents them from carrying out their duties in a professional manner.
  3. Did she not lie to a court of law :confused:
  4. Revolting. They are trying to use the wife to force Zimmerman to cop a plea to a crime he didn't commit.

    The Florida governor created this mess and now he needs to stop it.
  5. The bit about transferring amounts just under the 10k reporting threshold is interesting, in that it shows a certain awareness of these things you wouldn't expect in an ordinary moke from the middle of Florida, a, but b, shows they didn't know the laws know about dumb mokes trying to be too clever by half.
    That dad of his who's a judge probably told em about the 10k law but was too out of it to realize the Federales would have thought of the simple dodge they used. This is akin to the guy who discovers moving averages in the market via playing with them on Yahoo! charts but doesn't stop to think it can't be that easy if everyone can figure it out for free in five minutes.

    Florida edubacation. Gets ya every time.
  6. It's terrible. Here they were just trying to game the system and lie and now they got caught. What's America coming to when one can't lie to the courts and get away with it !? Or for that matter, carry a gun and kill innocent people after stalking and provoking them? Where are our freedoms going?
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    — THE TESTIMONY: At her husband's April 20 bail hearing, Shellie Zimmerman testified under oath by phone that the couple had no significant assets that could be used to post bail.
    You can read she lie and George lie too. They thinking about money, and not really care they kill Trayvon.
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    When you decide you are going to carry a gun out in public, you are taking an enormous risk. It doesn't appear that Zim fully thought through all of the consequnces about carrying in public. Maybe he googled Florida self defense laws before he started packing, but it just never dawned on him that he isn't the one who determines what constitutes self defense. There are a whole lot of other people involved in making that decision, and some of them are elected officials who have a constituency to answer to and please.

    Trayvon didn't think things through either, when he decided to practice his MMA skills on somebody following him through the neighborhood. Even though the amateur video of his backyard MMA fight shows he wasn't really all that good, maybe he thought he could take a short little Hispanic looking guy. He never considered that the little guy was carrying a gun. Trayvon essentially showed up unarmed to a gun fight.

    And now we have Shellie Zim not thinking things through when she told the court they had no money. Maybe she thought she was increasing her husband's chances of getting bail if she told the court they were, and I quote, "destitute". She didn't consider they would find out about the pay pal money, or maybe she didn't think it mattered.

    The point is none of these people are very thoughtful. One guy dead, one guy in jail on a murder charge, and a wife facing a perjury charge.

    And to add even one more twist, I don't really think Angela Corey thought things through when she charged Zim with 2nd degree murder. I don't think anybody believes she can possibly get a murder conviction here. So what exactly was she thinking? Upcoming elections? How good will it look for her when the defendant is acquitted? Did she think that through?

    One more thing, it looks like a few ETers here are gun enthusiasts, so I hope you think things through before you decide to carry one out in public. There's a million and one things that could go wrong. Is it really neccessary for you to be armed in public? Resonsible gun owners think things through before they ever take a gun out of the house.
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    Not very often that's for sure. If you can tell me the exact date, time and location I will need it I'll gladly leave mine at home the rest of the time.
    I can't speak for anyone but me but I've thoroughly studied my state law on the matter and review other state's applicable laws before crossing state lines with my weapon. I've read and continue to follow relevant cases and incidents.

    And you are absolutely right, being armed does encompass a tremendous responsibility and serious risk of prosecution if misused. It's not for everyone.
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