George Weller given 5 years probation!

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  1. George Weller is the elderly gentleman who drove his car into a crowded farmer's market in Santa Monica CA, killing at least 10 and seriously injuring several others.

    The judge sentenced him to 5 years probation saying that although Mr. Weller deserved prison, he did not want the taxpayers to have to pay for his healthcare for the rest of his life. Mr. Weller is 89 years old.

    In addition to these comments, the judge indicated that Mr. Weller had not expressed any remorse for his actions, quoting him several times as follows

    "Well just imagine how I feel"

    "Why didn't you folks get out of my way"

    Personally this case makes me sick to my stomach. I am glad I wasn't there as I would have had to restrain myself from beating the old bastard to death right on the spot. It wouldn't surprise me to hear that someone saw him on the street and ran him over a couple of times.

  2. But steve, you have mentioned many times your desire to murder millions of people of middle eastern descent, and your wish that entertainers who dont display common sense safety rules be MURDERED or otherwise suffer horrific fates.

    Do you know this guy?

    What makes you say this?
    Have you never driven poorly, in your life?

    You must be a remarkable human being, please enlighten us as to your wisdom.
  3. You seem to have a problem with English.

    Also you seem to lack common sense. Its as though you were raised by wild animals in some forest.

    I hope you won't feel offended but I just don't have the energy to work with you..I am sure you hear that a lot in your personal life.

    The topic of the thread is Mr. Weller. See if you can say something of interest on that subject.

  4. As it happens, i WAS raised by wild animals in the forest.

    He accidentaly killed a large number people, no question.

    Its very "big" in fubar terms, but what are you suggesting-the death penalty?
    For bad driving?

    As it happens, the comments of the judge speaks volumes.........
    Its a monumental f**up.
    No question there.......but the judge, who is AS likely to fuck up, more, perhaps even more substantially,and DOES SO FOR A LIVING has the fucking gall to say, from the fucking "pulpit" of legality, "THAT" guy should be in the clink for eternity??????

    Rant over.