George W. Bush: Why he was the best leader ever!

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  1. The main reason he is the best leader ever is that he freed 100 million people from oppression. (Iraq & Afghanistan). Thats more people than the founding fathers, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and MOSES combined! How can you ignore those numbers?

    Happy Belated Birthday Mr. President!

  2. Clinton was a man saved by a smart and active House of Representatives that came into office in 1994 with the purpose to balance the budget.
    Look at an index chart, Jan 1995 was the start of a huge up move

    Bush was hurt in 2006 by a House of representative that came into office and put Nancy Pelousi in charge. It was the end of the Bush miracle recovery.
    Look at an Index chart from January 2007, it was weeks away from a long term top and a huge move down
  3. The sum of Iraq & Afghanistan population is about 70 million, how many of these people are actually free today?

    These countries could have turned democratic without a single loss of American lives and trillions in spending which the US couldn't afford, if GW Bush had just been patient and and apply the right amounts of diplomacy with covert operations. Just look at Libya and Egypt.
  4. I cant see any way to stay out of Afghanistan after 9/11

    Iraq, for ten years President Clinton, Senator Clinton, Senator Kennedy were all talking about Saddam having WMD and the need to take him out. This is the mindset of Washington when Bush took over in 2000.
  5. Sorry you are right, It is about 70 million of which 80% of them were oppressed, so I suppose he really only freed 56 million or so from opression. So forget what I said. You are right. Bush is the worst president ever... psshh...only freed 50+ million people. Pathetic.

    Oh, and to answer your question...about 99% of them are free today. I have to assume there are a few taliban walking around somewhere oppressing a few small villages, I guess.
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    George W. Bush: Why he was the best leader ever!


    George W. Bush, the worst President in the history of the USA.

    I'm referring to the George W. Bush who killed thousands of our military personnel and untold thousands of foreigners.
    A commander in chief who wouldn't let our military do, in Afghanistan what needed to be done, while our soldiers walked around for close to a decade with a target on their backs.
    George W. Bush, the President who didn't learn a damn thing about the lessons of Vietnam.
    I'm referring to the George W. Bush who bankrupted the United States.

    I know 350 million of my neighbors he could have really brought freedom to, if he had only had the courage and will to get the federal government and the IRS off our backs!

    It's pathetic that we have sunk to the level where people believe this clown was a good President.

    Good grief!
    What a low standard for a President.
  7. Not people, just Peil, and pathetic is a great descriptor for this sorry piece of humanity.
  8. At least I don't lie about having a girlfriend 2 years after we broke up. LMAO
  9. You are sadly misinformed about the current state of democracy in Afghanistan. The coalition is ready to pull out by 2014 and there is little sign that the Karzai regime can control anything beyond Kabul, population 3 million. In addition, it is clear that Karzai stole the last election. So where is the democracy?

    The point is really not about the count of "freed" Iraqis and Afghans, but how they got to be freed. A people is never really free unless they freed themselves. GW Bush was never an emancipator and he squandered American lives and hard earned wealth by the trillions in trying to play as one.
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    Bush II was by no means our best leader ever. He was infinitely better than Odumbo.
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