George W. Bush = Adolf Hitler

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  1. Had a few thoughts - there are some interesting similarities between Bush and the Führer:

    1.) Hitler set the Reichstag ablaze in order to find a pretext which allowed him to attack the people he personally hated.
    Bush shamelessly used the tragedy of the WTC for the same purpose.

    2.) Hitler gained mind-control by taking over the media channels, he even supported the widespread propaganda consumption through his infamous "Volksempfänger" (cheap radios for everyone).
    Bush has his crooked allies both in the TV as well as the radio stations. Why didn't they air yesterdays atrocities against american aid workers in the Iraq? Perhaps because the Führer (= the German word for leader) fears the 'Somalia-effect'?

    3.) Both Hitler and Bush have the poor and stupid as their voters and supporters. Just have a look at all the republican'ts threads in this board.

    4.) Both Hitler and Bush waged a world war with a very unstable coalition; just like Hitler, Bush spread his armed forces around the globe, so that a concentrated strike against a new so-called evildoer is harder with every new occupation. This was Hitler's war on 2 fronts.

    5.) Both Hitler and Bush financed their wars through disastrous economic policy, especially currency devaluation.

    6.) Both Hitler and Bush introduced concentration camps that were outside of the law; I wonder how long it will take until the first caucasian American wakes up in camp delta and when Halliburton finally starts to use their labour force?

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  3. amen to that, esp the part about "poor and stupid" LMAO :D

    you forgot to mention attacking "activist judges" and the ACLU.

    may i also point out that hitler (as far as what i've read) was far less corrupt than bush/cheney in terms of making political and industrial cronies rich...

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  4. Wow, that article really scared me, seriously!!

    Bush also seems to imitate Hitlers economic policy with respect to the military expenses; but thanks to OPEC and the global economic interdependencies, he probably won't acchieve a job'miracle'.

    A late Economics teacher I enjoyed used to say that the economic program from the nazi's electoral brochure in 1933 was just a few pages long, since it almost exclusively contained military expenses financed with bonds...