George Soros's book

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  1. anyone know the name of the book people mention about Soros's experience in FOREX. (for those who don't know, hes the guy that shorted the GBP and made $1bn in a single day)
  2. lol!!!
  3. The Alchemy of finance, soros on soros, stan druckemiller in the new market wizards and the preview on scott besent in inside the house of money.

    You not going to learn anything for a retail trader. By the way soros confirms that he can't trade fx rates effectively due to the irrationality of the fx market and got creamed when he though that higher interest rates meant a stronger currency, any good reads, enjoy.
  4. Daal


    you need to read his materials many times before you really understand it. hes a terrible teacher
  5. He was supporting Obama very, very early on in his career too. He will be getting his info right from the top for awhile... scary... he could have more power than the Fed!!
  6. Yep, and we are slowly transforming from a Republic into an oligarchy.