George Soros Track Record

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    Was wondering is anyone had Soro's track record from Quantum fund
  2. Remember somthing like 25 % yearly during 20 years
  3. Found two sources online -- one -- that quoted just over 30% average annualized returns over the 31 1/2 year lifetime of the original Quantum Fund.

    Who knows about the reliability of the sources? It's teh interwebs. Take it for what it's worth.
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    his returns are outstanding but VERY volatile.......i used to see his pnl on a daily basis
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    Do they have it listed somewhere on record year by year.....I can't find it anywhere.

    I find it hard to believe the best trader and you can't find his track record
  6. Quantum Fund - legendary performance record of 4100% in 10 years. That is average of 410% per year ---- Bloomberg interview with Jim Rogers
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  8. It's not hard to understand some of the ways he achieved those legendary returns.

    Out of everything I've ever read and watched about trading I think this 1995 Soros interview and his compounding/leveraging/deleveraging strategies influenced my own trading the most, so simple yet so easy to apply, and so effective. (>9 mins in)

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  9. George Soros is not a trader like the people on ET. His bet against the British Pound was profitable not because of outside forces, but because he was an outside force. He became the market. No trader on ET can copy that.

    Coupled with the fact he is not trading with scared money, but money from investors, you should think hard whether his returns were made because he is a "brilliant" trader, or had alot to do with money management and luck.
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