George Soros a US citizen..didn't know

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  1. Hey I did a search and it seems George is probably a US citizen. I didn't think he was. At the same time isn't he the exact kind of guy the liberals hate? Isn't he a trader, who does nothing for a living, but screw the markets and us small guys in order to make his billions? And then pay little to no tax on his income? Didn't he almost bury his initial adopted country, Britian, by screwing with the Pound?
    Isn't it funny how those purist liberals will take 10's of millions from this guy for their campaigns even though he is seemingly their antichrist? I guess they would celebrate real businessmen like the Koch brothers if only they gave to their favorite socialist candidate, as opposed to giving to people that are trying to keep our country great and make everyone better.
    Peace, and get out and vote! I'll live with the results either way, but more so the more people that get out and share in the freedom to express their opinion through the right to vote. It kills me to see how few vote. Was it a Nike theme? Just do it!
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  3. Not sure what you posted before, but I am not a big fan of wikipedia. I know the general gist is usually ok, but in general it is not a reliable source, as I tell my kids all the time. Too many people can edit the info, and even if it agrees with my point of view I won't site it as it is just as easy a marketing promo, or a place where someone can sell their story.
    The guy is not a good apple, and from what I have been able to research should be someone the liberals would be appalled to be associated with accept for the amount of money he donates. I know he gives to a bunch of "causes", but his personal views when you read in depth would be easy fodder for the liberals if he were giving to conservative causes.
  4. George Soros isnt the kind of guy we would want as president. just like romney.
    if he were to run as president we would sure want to see his tax returns. right?
  5. Actually, I am not real concerned about tax returns, but I would guess he takes every deduction that Romney does, yet it is ok for dumbocrats to take his donations, and worship his money. I want the tax code changed, simplified, and made more even, but the same phonies railing about it use it every year to take every deduction they can, but they don't have to disclose it. Two faced liars, kind of like George Soros.
  6. dumbocrats. real mature of you. how about trying thinking for a change? what incentive do people like romney have to simplify the tax code for everyone else since he has already found ways to pay less than 13%?
    hopefully you are smart enough to understand that romney will say anything to get elected? that is a question. right now it looks doubtful.

    he has flip flopped more times than a fish out of water.