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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by LouieR, Aug 16, 2002.

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  1. LouieR


    Does anybody out there know anything about this self-styled options expert? I am always looking for an edge, whether it's trading stocks or options and just wondered if George's expert opinion was worth pursuing.
  2. jem


    I know a bit. As my brother purchased and then returned the course. If you have a great deal of money and not as much time it might be useful for a beginner. His materials do a fairly good job of giving a synopsis of the basics of option trading. Stuff I had gathered on my own over the years. I had to purchse books by McMillian, Natenberg, and a few others. In fact for my level of options experience I found Fontinils Wiley book a useful refresher. But I do not think his course materials will get you past the point where I am --- with options:

    Every time I think about putting on an options trade, I look at the spread to get in and what it will probably be when I want to get out then I think about my risk /reward, and then I wonder how I can correctly forecast volitility. This usually causes me to just trade the stock outright.

    I would love to get an edge with options but I have never been taught how to overcome those spreads; and I can trade a stock better than I can forecast vol. If it were easy every prop trader would be putting on delta neutral spreads.

    Back to your question----My brother and I even went to first day of Fontinils' seminar. We walked out because we did not want to pay. The first Sat. morning was a true waste of time. Perhaps, they actually taught stuff worth some money, once they could keep the attendees money, but ......
  3. I see this options guru also has a site

    oops ... I forgot to mention don fishback

    and bernie schaffer ( and david caplan ) ?

    there could be some more option experts out there
    with option advise services
  4. ChrisM


    I never bought the course, however I used optionetics (gold if I well remember, for calculations). At that time that was quite useful if You know how to use it.
    Obviously, I would not bother following trading concepts. They are quite good for explaining option strategies, but all those impressive returns and testimonials make the picture darker instead giving clearer image.
  5. LouieR


    Thank you all for taking the time to respond. It appears that I would do better to trade the money that I would otherwise spend to gain the sage wisdom of this expert. Thanks again all!
  6. StrayCat


    I met George Fontanils in New York back when he was working with George Angel. Fontanils is a total bullshit con artist. I am surprised he is not in jail. His trading partner at the AMEX went to jail.

    Don't waste your money on any of his stuff. He didn't honor any of his claims and promises at the Market Insiders Seminars. I went to part of an Optionetics Seminar and walked out. It was total bullshit and he was charging a few grand. Like I said the guy is as slimy as they come.

    Save your money.

    BTW. options are a tough game. Time and price spreads with kill you. Not to mention the MM's manipulations of the prices and spreads.
  7. I also checked out day one of his seminars a few months back as it was a few blocks from where I was working. (the one that mainly sells you on paying them some bucks and comming back to lean the "good stuff").

    I left early as well. The guy teaching it was a good speaker and understood the material throughly but it was geared toward making people think options trading is easy if you use their super strategies. (most of which they tell you will be taught the following weekend if you would like to get out your checkbook and sign up)

    And what are "their strategies". The same stuff you read about in any good options book. It was like the Pristine seminars where basically they show case the same stuff you could find in a a few books at the library if you were willing to spend the time.

    There were about 75 people at that seminar BTW. Don't know how many were sucked in to the pay one the following week.

    I left after the second intermission, should have left after the first.
  8. or buy his books from me. I will offer you a 50% discount, the books are like new. They are very basic, if you need a basic book on options, I would recommend it, otherwise not.
  9. mdmbud


    The big misconception about options is that they allow you to trade the market, without concerns of the direction. This is a bunch of bull.

    Options are only a vehicle of trade. IF YOU CANNOT TRADE A STOCK OR IDENTIFY WHICH WAY THE STOCK WILL MOVE, then options are just a way to drain your capital. Over time, those who do not know how to trade stocks, but look to options, will ultimately fail.

    Options are like elliot wave, people pay a lot for something that appears to be brilliant to learn. But the reality is that the gurus at the top of these education systems, like WADE COOK, George F. and good old Robert Pretcher only had 15 minutes of fame and never were able to live and TRADE CONSISTENTLY for a living by what they preach.

    This is just my opinion, but if you want 2 cents from someone who makes money trading and not selling seminars, you got it :D
  10. recently went to the seminar..."carnival barking" (Step right up...)
    at its best..!!!
    #10     Nov 5, 2002
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