George Carlin

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  1. "They're superstitious, they have these beliefs, these primitive, you
    >know, people believe in a... I mean they're just really kind of
    >credulous, and gullible. People believe in, for instance, hell and angels okay,

    These are very primitive,
    >very, very backward to me, backward sounding beliefs, these are
    >child-like, and that's the key, because they get you when you're a kid,
    >they get you when you're little, and they tell you there's a God, and if
    >you can make people believe, I believe this, if you can make someone
    >believe that there's an invisible man, living in the sky, who's watching
    >everything you do, and keeping count of everything you do, which is good
    >and which is bad, then you can make that person believe anything after
    >that, you can add anything you want, the 4th of July shit just rolls
    >right in, land of the free, home of the brave, the press is fair and
    >impartial, justice is blind, all men are created equal, your vote is
    >important, the United States government is on your side, the army is
    >here to keep the peace, the police are on your side...Oh, and freedom of
    >choice, this is the big one, the illusion of choice, we're led to feel
    >free by the exercise of meaningless choices. There are, for instance,
    >important things - not too many choices, unimportant things-ice cream
    >flavors, what do you want, we've got 31, the flavor of the week, the
    >flavor of the month, but political parties-we're down to two, jeez.
    >Sources of information, media companies down to five, banks, insurance
    >companies, pharmaceuticals, chemical companies, oil companies-used to be
    >seven, down to three, pretty soon it's gonna be two. But if you're
    >lookin' for a bagel or a fuckin' donut, hey, what do you want-pineapple
    >supreme, hazelnut; we've got everything you want. Cereals, I counted,
    >personally in the store counted 192 different cereal choices, 192. 140
    >different cat foods, I counted, and that includes a tartar-control cat
    >food for senior citizen cats, okay?":D