George Carlin - Why You Are In Debt

Discussion in 'Politics' started by gwb-trading, Nov 24, 2012.

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  2. Ricter


    Lol, Carlin wasn't a man to conceal his feelings, was he?
  3. Lucrum


    I don't conceal my feelings either. You just handle them, coward.
    You can dish it out, but you can't take it.
  4. 377OHMS


    I have a Netflix subscription so I've watched almost all of the Carlin shows and was saddened to see him become so cynical and embittered in his old age.

    His diatribes became increasingly anti-American and anti-capitalist and he seemed to truly hate America by the time he died.

    I prefer Carlin's shows from the 80s where he concerned himself with the little details of life and left his socialist attitude at home.
  5. pspr


    You're right. I won't watch Carlin anymore because he is always selling his message now.

    It seems there are two classes who want to push socialism. 1) Those who already have theirs and want you to pay for the poor instead of them. And 2) Those who would rather just accept what society will give them instead of working in a free market.

    Actually there is a third advocacy group for socialism. Those who are in neither of the above two groups but who are too stupid to realize they have been brain washed into believing in it.
  6. Of course there is George Carlin on the Global Warming scam...

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  7. Lucrum


    W H E R E - I S - Y O U R - J O U R N A L - RCG ?

    Or has yet again your ego driven mouth written a check your slow intellect and factual personal history simple cannot cash?
  8. Really? He is always selling his message now? I don't think so.
  9. You sir are a fucking idiot