George Bush's Law and its Impact on the US Army.

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    October 17, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Since the law works both ways – Here is what president George W. Bush has authorized all the United States enemies from around the globe to do - now all US enemies are authorized by George W. Bush to use very harsh techniques against any American soldier when they are captured anywhere around the world.

    It is Bush’s law and American soldiers are the ones who will pay the price wherever they are all over the world.


    “Bush signs law authorising harsh interrogation”
    By: Steve Holland
    Mail & Guardian – October 17, 2006

    Washington, United States - United States President George Bush signed a law on Tuesday authorising tough interrogation and prosecution of terrorism suspects and took an indirect, election-year swipe at Democrats who opposed the legislation.

    Bush, trying to help Republicans maintain control of the US Congress by emphasising national security, called the Military Commissions Act of 2006 "one of the most important pieces of legislation in the war on terror".

    Human rights groups charge that the measure would allow harsh techniques bordering on torture, such as sleep deprivation and induced hypothermia.

    In a White House East Room ceremony, Bush praised members of Congress who approved the law over the opposition of the Democratic leadership in both the Senate and House of Representatives.

    "Every member of the Congress who voted for this Bill has helped our nation rise to the task that history has given us. Some voted to support this Bill even when a majority of their party voted the other way," Bush said.

    Much of the new law, which critics say still does not protect detainees' rights and predict will face legal challenge, was negotiated in September after senior Republicans rebelled against Bush's plan.

    The new law means Bush can continue a secret CIA programme for interrogating terrorism suspects whom he believes have vital information that could thwart a plot against America.

    Bush said the law will allow intelligence professionals to question suspects without fear of being sued by them later.

    "This Bill spells out specific recognisable offences that would be considered crimes in the handling of detainees so that our men and women who question captured terrorists can perform their duties to the fullest extent of the law," he said.

    The White House has refused to describe what techniques will be allowed or banned.

    Challenges seen

    Critics and legal experts have predicted the new law will draw vigorous court challenges and could be struck down for violating rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

    They cited provisions that strip foreign suspects of the right to challenge their detentions in US courts and what they described as unfair rules for military trials.

    Bush insisted the law complies with the spirit and letter of international agreements. "As I've said before, the US does not torture. It's against our laws and it's against our values," he said.

    The law also establishes military tribunals for terrorism suspects, most of whom are held at the US military prison at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba.

    The law was prompted by a Supreme Court ruling in June that said Bush lacked legislative authority in setting up his first system of military commissions. Future legal battles will likely also end up in the high court.

    Shortly after Bush signed the law, the Republican National Committee issued a press releasing headlined, "Democrats would let terrorists free" and listed the names of many House and Senate Democrats who opposed it.

    The American Civil Liberties Union expressed outrage, calling the new law "one of the worst civil liberties measures ever enacted in American history". -- Reuters


  2. But thats an absolue, blatant lie. If they authorise it, by proxy, by secret proxy or otherwise, its rubbish.

    The iraq war mightnt be where its at, if they hadnt sent a suspect to egypt to be tortured, and whom provided false information on that basis.

    Not that thay hadnt made their minds up anyway, but still.
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    October 18, 2006

    South America: Reply to Acronym

    Let's clarify one thing: The quote that you show above is "from the article on Mail & Guardian newspaper" that I quoted on my posting.

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    What a joke. ALL COUNTRIES TURTURE. Every country had secret prisons and squads who turture to get info. Too many people are naive, if it were not so sad it would be funny.
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    What about the other 50% that beleive that there is someone up in the air that sends lightning down to Earth??