George Bush Trip to Afghanistan and India - March 2006.

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    March 1, 2006

    SouthAmerica: Today, President George W. Bush made an unannounced four-hour visit to Afghanistan while en route to India.

    He was very pleased with the progress achieved by the Afghanistan economy and the latest results of an excellent crop of “Opium” – that guarantees funding for 33 percent of the Afghan economy for 2006 – and he congratulated the warlords for “A job well done.”

    Then the “Jackass” went on with his trip to India.

    Just God knows what he is going to “Screw up” in India.

    But I have faith on his complete incompetence – I am sure he will mess something up before he returns to the United States.


    “Afghan Opium Stymies U.S. Efforts”
    San Francisco Chronicle – March 1, 2006
    By GEORGE GEDDA, Associated Press Writer.

    Opium production and trafficking account for one-third of Afghanistan's economy and is complicating US efforts to rebuild the country and its government, a State Department report said Wednesday.

    The number of acres under opium cultivation dropped 48 percent last year, but output declined by only 10 percent because of good weather, the report said. Opium is the main ingredient of heroin.

    "Afghanistan's huge drug trade severely impacts efforts to rebuild the economy, develop a strong democratic government based on rule of law, and threatens regional stability," the report said.

    …The annual report, mandated by Congress, was released shortly after President Bush made an unannounced four-hour visit to Afghanistan while en route to India.

    The 900-page study, titled "International Narcotics Control Strategy Report," examines production, trafficking, money laundering and financial crimes in all countries.

    The report offered a generally upbeat assessment of the situation in Colombia, the world's leading producer of cocaine. Colombia had a record year in 2005 for drug eradication and interdiction, and in the extradition of suspected traffickers to the United States, the report said.

    Even so, the report said the Colombian government detected "massive replanting and reconstitution efforts" by traffickers in some areas.

    Cocaine is derived from coca, which is cultivated largely in areas under the control of illegal armed groups that earn substantial sums from trafficking in cocaine and heroin.

    In some other countries, the report said:

    _Coca cultivation has increased in Peru and Bolivia.

    _There was no change in Mexico's role as the principal transit country for cocaine entering the United States.

    Mexico also served as the main foreign source of marijuana consumed in the U.S. as well as a major supplier of heroin….