George Bush Is All Wet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hoodooman, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Bush was here today on the Outer Banks (Kitty Hawk) for the Centennial Celebration of the Wright Brothers Flight and supposedly making a speech in an unrelenting down pour.

    Accompanying him was his new Secretary of Defense and Master of Ceremonies, John Travolta. Taking a cue from the sweat hog extradinaire, President Bush started his speech with the well worn phrase, "I,m so confuzed".

    They then broke out in a chorus of "Staying Alive" while executing the moon walk but had to be extricated from the platform when Bush and Travolta got hopelessly entangled after trying to perform the "double pretzel".

  2. Is "all wet" slang for "a lock to be re-elected?"
  3. That Orville and Wilbur's propellers were 80% Efficient!

    It's such a shame that our media did not spend more time covering the 100th Anniversary.

    These two Americans were way ahead of their time, and a whole lot more than just bicycle mechanics!

    They were American heroes and geniuses!