George Bush Iraq speech tonight

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  1. Somalia has oil?! WTF? That's news to me. Is it me or does it seem that every fucking moslem nation has oil? It doesn't make any sense. Chad, Niger, Sudan and now Somalia? Is there any moslem nation with *no* oil? No wonder all these moslem nations are all so fucked up, too many outside powers wanting to steal their oil on the cheap screwing around keeping the entire populations face in the dirt.
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  2. Pekelo


    Turkey, Pakistan....
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  3. It's quite curious. The only nonArab Asian OPEC member is Indonesia, the largest muslim country in the world. Another oil producing country in Asia, Malaysia, has 60% muslim population. Most of China's oil fields are in ethnic muslim regions.
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  4. add to the list: Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Israel/Palestine, Yemen
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  5. Aloha, Nik, and Hau'ole Makahiki Hou!

    Mona was referring to Vietnam.

    If she isn't suggesting that the Dems have had something to do with the way this war has gone, I will. IMO it's irrefutable. When you have one political party hammering and undermining the other with the collusion of the press, of course that affects the way the war has gone. To believe that our enemies do not gain confidence from witnessing the bitter divisiveness in this country is naive. They know they do not have to win tactically, just inflict enough casualties to cause us to roll up the carpet and hightail it out of there a la Vietnam.

    As for your last sentence, not sure I understand you. IMO what happens in Iraq by virtue of the US presence there (or withdrawal) will have a tremendous effect on worldwide Islamic attacks. If we cut and run, you don't think it will result in a spike of attacks? :confused:

    Take care,
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  6. Let's see...

    Disbanding the Iraqi Army (so they can join the insurgents)

    Letting the Iraqi's enjoy their "freedom" by looting

    Not having enough troops for the first three years of the war

    Refusing help from Russians and French

    No bid contracts on reconstruction - billions lost and nothing got done

    Abu Ghraib prison abuse

    Haditha massacre

    Which of these screw-ups did the Democrats cause?
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  7. Of course it was a screwup by the Democrats... because klansmen claim that... :D
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  8. As usual, Prof. Bond, you fail to read properly.

    I urge you to carefully reread what Nik wrote, then my response, and return here with something more than knee-jerk reactionary dribble.
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  9. drivel*
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  10. Do you mean that you didn't mean what you said? :D
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