George Bush Iraq speech tonight

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  1. Not just ET. In just five short years he's gone from globally admired and supported to universally despised and hated.

    Quite a feat.

    I personally couldn't give two shits about the dumb fuck. But America will suffer terribly due to his actions. And that's painful.

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  2. agree completely. the most bizarre part of this whole thing is in the meantime - who is running the country? what about every other issue? the housing market, the dollar, pension bubble, drugs, etc...
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  3. asap


    he is just trying to buy some time until the end of his term. the instable situation at iraq is good excuse to launch further preventive strikes abroad, ie bomb iran or korea and in the end he can dump the shit over the next president whoever he is. quite incompetent and naive though. he will remembered as an incompetent layer and a disrespectful petulant ignorant.
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  4. i suggest u to look up the budget allocation to give u a clue.

    i warn u wont like it.
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  5. Thats because the common masses do not have the capacity to think beyond tommorrow.
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  6. Yep, Bush is God.
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  7. The USD has lost about 36% against the Euro since "Idiot the Younger" took office.

    I can only pray the the final 25% of Americans who don't already realize that this guy is a total fuxxing diaster wake up soon...and join the rational among them.

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  8. Are you for real or just retarded?
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  9. I agree with you much more often than not Doc (in fact it's you who caused me to rethink Iraq) but IMO one of the Bush administrations masterstrokes (and I'm a FAN of the GOP's domestic policy) has been the pursuit of a cheaper dollar. (although I'm short 10 EuroFx at 134 along with a few ES shorts from 75pts lower, lol)

    The dollar was ridiculously overpriced given our horrendous balance of trade. Bush has forced the hand of East Asian manufacturers much more deftly than he's handled Islamo-Facism through the use of our military. Trade gaps will narrow in 2007 and we may even see bit of a bond break as those Asian fucks sell some of their Treasuries on the dollar rally. I guess I'm saying doc that I don't associate the dollar decline of the past four years as a global statement on Bush.
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  10. I'm for real, munchkin. Judging from your handle you must be living on the other side of the rainbow. What's the wizard's plan? I suppose it is peace and love for all, let's just sit here and bake cookies while hoping that the world outside remains a happy sharing place with good karma for all to thrive in harmony.
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