George Bush Iraq speech tonight

Discussion in 'Politics' started by thehangingman, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. Are you one of those "faith-based" Bush supporters? Did no one tell you that faith is not a substitute for reality?
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  2. I have a question. If it ain;t working with 140,000 troops... why is it a slam dunk with 160,000???

    Georgey should visit elite trader. learn when to cut his losses....
    know when to fold em etc...
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  3. buried heads??? oh yeah.. we are looking for those WMDs. nope.. not over here...
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  4. he just went "all in". he is out of chips and has nothing to lose.
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  5. the chimpboy said in one of his screeches.. "The commission is headed up to Congress, and I urge the members of Congress to take this report seriously."

    Do you see chimpboy taking the recommendations from the commission seriously himself?
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  6. Losers average losers.
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  7. Adding troops without a fundamental change in strategy will accomplish little.

    The Republican talking points that Rush and others are dutifully repeating use the emotionally charged words "defeat", "victory" and "surrender." While it's important to frame the debate, these terms are far too crude for the reality of Iraq. What is vicotry? A stable government? I don't see how our troops can force that on a population that operates at the tribal level. Their objective is to take power to inflict revenge on their rivals and secure the oil wealth. Not a very hospitalbe climate for democracy.

    We made a fundamental error in forcing an insane concept of a mixed democratic/theocratic/sectarian government on them. The only way to achieve any semblance of stability is to reverse that error. It's not clear to me how we do that.
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  8. This is where the democracy fails. Not only has this committee advised to do completely the opposite, almost all citizens are against this move as well.

    This guy has to be stopped. If it can't be done and if we survive the next year, the law has to be changed to enable it.

    One silver lining: it will take a few decades for the republicans to get the White House again. Too bad for some good Rep's too.

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  9. It's amazing what Bush has accomplished that no one was able to do before. He has united the ET!

    The opposition to Bush is nearly unanimous here. I haven't seen this level of agreement in any other thread.
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  10. Good observation.
    We now know who is our real common enemy.

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