George Bush, GOP Turn to Socialism

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  1. The Bush economic stimulus plan -- giving almost everyone money for nothing -- is not really a tax refund or tax rebate because the money is not tied to actual taxes paid on last year's 1040 or owed this year. You pass a crude means test, you get the cash. Therefore the stimulus is really just a form of direct aid to individuals. Which means a Republican president has sponsored one of the most pure displays of socialism not seen since ... Nixon's wage-price controls!
  2. The United States will borrow money from China to give to everyone. Lmao
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    Dont you mean desperation ???

    The US internal economic system needs updating ASAP ( its a hotchpotch of bits and pieces from the 18 century plus a FEW years ). A bit like the political system - another 18th century anachronism

    Cant live on dreams and BS for ever boys
  4. bush isnt giving out money for nothing. he is buying votes right before an election.
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  6. buy more imports from china......ROFLMAO
  7. A chicken in every pot.
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  9. Reducing taxes is a capitalist measure.
    Rising taxes is a socialist measure.

    Pretty easy to understand, unless you're politically biased.
  10. Educate us then, why in the former Soviet Union and in China before 1990's, there were no taxes? Taxes were only imposed after both became true capitalist countries. Even today China still doesn't have an income tax. Why don't you move to China?
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