George Bush and Republican are directly responsible for the high oil prices!!!

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  1. Wasnt it their idiot ethanol scheme that caused oil to spike. That entire scheme benefited nobody except for farmers, and red states.
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    Republican’s sole responsibility? I would bet many Democrats are behind the policies too.

    Let’s look at some facts, events, and you can draw your own conclusions. The corresponding support info/links can easily be found.

    a. The fact was well known , oil reserves are limited, eventually , demand will catch up and this will explain some of the oil price increase. This has been know for many years.

    b. If you superimpose oil prices - war times in Middle East you will see a very good correlation of oil spikes during the wars there. Oil prices dropped after we withdrew from the area. E.g. Iraq 1991. Now the war continous (indefinatelly with our pesense in the region to remain)

    c. Iraq was EXPORTING MORE oil until we invaded them. There was minimal destruction of oil wells, And the minor problems were fixed and all was full operational by June of 2004 as it was briefed by Cheney himself.(“ During the war, 7 Iraqi oil wells were set on fire, out of around 1,500 total wells. On April 14, 2003, the last of these fires were extinguished at the South Rumaila field. This was considered a significant accomplishment”) and (“Only 34.4 million barrels were exported last month, or about 1.1 million barrels per day — the lowest average since Iraq resumed exports after the U.S.-led invasion in March 2003, according to figures released Monday” report 1/20/2006)

    d. Like every business decision this was the most obvious. You have a slowly sloping up demand, how do you explode your profits.? It’s the supply stupid, control the spigot behind the veil of war, terror, regional instability, (remember the region was stable up until we attacked them there were no wars there), and BINGO. Double triple quadruple your profits overnight, we all have seen the oil company reports and compensation packages.

    e. Look who is in charge of the administration, look what decisions are made.

    f. Now let’s get back to the ultimately fixed total oil supply. Why blame them? We have a republican controlled House and a republican controlled Senate. We know there is a supply problem, and instead of encouraging fuel efficiency, they give tax credits of 100 thousand dollars for SUV gas guzzler purchases, and only 2-3k for hybrid alternative fuel cars. SUV’s are the highest profit margin vehicles for GM Ford etc. Do you think their lobby had anything to do with it? I posted links in the economics forum.

    g. But the one reason for blaming them, next to the one above is: We have unlimited funds for wars, we have unlimited funds for the military-industrial complex, we know the supplies are limited, BUT we don’t funnel the money into alternative clean abundant energy sources. ( some discussion in economics forums too) Of course that would benefit the public and restrict profits for the Oil Companies and no windfalls for the HAL’s and other military contractors, no obscene markup etc.[/u]

    A simple question to ask is, where we would we be today if over a trillion dollars that this whole ordeal is costing us was spent into research, development and utilization of other sources? And as a side welcoming effect, wouldn’t it bring all this Arab dependency down to its knees.? If we really want to hurt them, make their product useless!!!

    It all boils down to who makes the decisions and who benefits.

    And no it’s not all republican’s fault, democrats hands are in the oil cookie jar, and last but not least the public in its ignorance and arrogance fuels the fire too.
  3. I dont know, some mod said he deleted it because he didnt like the republican bashing. But back to the subject, but the republicans are in charge. They make the agenda. They control congress and the whitehouse. Who do you blame, you blame the leaders.

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    I deleted it. Had nothing to do with "bashing." If I were to delete every inane, non-sensical post based on partisan standards, half the posts here would disappear. That aside, mahram is an IRANIAN living in CANADA, so I realize he knows as much about American history as I know about Persia. Ethanol was legislated by DEMOCRATS back during the Carter years.

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    Regarding the topic, I thought the holdup in gasoline refining is the elimination of MTBE- a powerful poison which has been leaking into the water supply. The ethanol is being used as its only available substitute- not as a mandated conservation measure.
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  9. but it was the republican majority that forced ethanol blends into gas before the country and infrastructure was ready. bush and his entire wh are oilmen. They know oil inside and out. Cheney was a Ceo of a company that delt in oil. So dont tell me they were completely shocked this situation would have arised. It was bush and the republicans fault oil is so high and nobody else.

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    Mahram I don't know about the rest of the U.S. but in Chicago I've been buying ethanol blends for over two DECADES. In fact many stations sell ONLY ethanol in their "regular" unleaded. Granted Chicago is in the Corn Belt so perhaps drivers in New York didn't have it back in the 80's. I don't know the answer.
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