George Allen: You Have Not Earned the Right

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  1. George Allen: You Have Not Earned the Right to Question Jim Webb's Recollections of War - So Just Shut Up

    To: George Allen and his campaign
    From: Steve Jarding
    Re: Shame on both of you

    by Steve Jarding

    George Allen and his campaign hit men this week chose to again attack Jim Webb and his military experiences, this time by taking passages from Webb's novels to try to suggest that the explicit war time experiences Webb writes about are demeaning and repugnant.

    On their attacks, I would like to say two things. First, the novels that the Allen camp attacks include Fields of Fire, which has been called the classic novel of the Vietnam War and was for years required reading on college campuses nationwide in classes relating to the illumination of war. They include, The Emperor's General, which has been called a masterpiece of literature and was called by that raving liberal George F. Will, "This compelling, fascinating exercise of historical fiction proves, again, that Jim Webb is as fine a novelist as he was a Marine. Enough said;" and they include Born Fighting, which has been called brilliant and the most important ethnography of our time. Perhaps the Allen camp should learn to read books before they begin burning them.

    Second, let me say one more time to George Allen and his lapdog assassins. Senator, you have not earned the right to question Jim Webb's wartime experiences, from the ugliness of combat to the ugliness of what happens to civilians in nations ravaged by war. Senator, Jim Webb wrote of things he witnessed. They may have been ugly, but we should learn from their ugliness about the consequences of our votes and actions before we send men and women into war.

    And Senator, you would not know this, but, war is demeaning, war is repugnant. People die and get maimed there. Innocent boys and girls are forced into prostitution, and are forced to perform heinous acts there. Jim Webb witnessed it all. And he wrote about it. You don't think this is happening in Iraq?

    Perhaps if you had read Webb's book, you would not be so quick to take his experiences and attempt to twist them for selfish, personal, political gain. Perhaps if you had purchased Webb's books and at least read about these types of atrocities, you would not have been so gung ho about blindly following the misguided and malfeasant actions of another man who did not witness firsthand the ugliness of war, George W. Bush. And perhaps if you had gone to Vietnam and served as a company commander instead of serving as a drover at a dude ranch, or serving as a surfing instructor on Malibu Beach, you would temper your feigned indignation. A man who did read this same book you disparage, John McCain, praised its honest portrayal of the heinous nature and repercussions of war.

    Perhaps Senator, if sheltered Hollywood neighborhoods and elitist dude ranches had unspeakable death, destruction, rape, and unspeakable inhumanity to man and woman, you might now know how self serving your shock and indignation is. But, until you have witnessed firsthand the ugliness of war and the destruction it reaps upon all people, including the innocent ones, you should learn to keep quiet.

    I understand, Senator, that your campaign is desperate and as such it is doing desperate things. But it is not lost on anyone that you were the one who went on statewide television pleading for a campaign on the issues. You clearly did not mean the words you uttered.

    And finally, to Chris LaCivita, who did serve. Your statement regarding Jim Webb's recollections of his war experiences, do not warrant a response. Shame on you.
  2. Here is a little story about Webb:

    Webb had returned from Vietnam and was in law school at the height of the antiwar movement. An antiwar professor who was in the habit of working his students' surnames into the hypothetical scenarios in his test questions created a scenario about someone named Webb -- but this "Webb" was, in Timberg's words, "a Marine sergeant ... who attempts to ship home pieces of jade in the dead bodies of two Marines from his platoon." After the examine, Webb went to Wales's office.

    "I just want you to know it wasn't funny," he told the professor. "I went over to Vietnam with sixty-seven lieutenants, twenty-two died, and it wasn't funny."
  3. Republican "family values:"
  4. What did he say about Webb? I didn't see anything.

    I think the irony of this race is that plenty of voters like and respect both men. The problem is that Webb ditched his principles for opportunism to run as a Democrat. Voting for him is a vote for Harry Reid, Dick Durbin, Ted Kennedy, Patrick Leahy, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and hillary Clinton, becasue they are the people who would be running the Senate if the Democrats take over.

    Except for taxes, I doubt there is too much disagreement between them on the issues.
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    I live in Richmond, so this is covered pretty well in the local press. The Richmond Times-Distpatch has done lengthy articles on both candidates. I was seriously considering a vote for Webb. But then I read a Q&A on both. In short, Webb is a walking, talking charicature of a '60's liberal. I couldn't believe some of his answers. Go to and read the Q&A, I think it was last Sunday or the week before. Guys a joke.
  6. You can go to Allen's website and see the press release. Allen took excerpts out of Webb's books that are sexually explicit, and attacked Webb for authoring such texts. What Allen failed to mention was that these descriptions were based on what Webb actually saw in southeast Asia, and were in the book for very good reasons. Fellow Vietnam veteran McCain praised highly of Webb's novels, and so did George Will. Webb himself had said that these passages are not appropriate for children and should not be broadcast over the radio. They were read nonetheless as part of Allen's press release.
  7. One of Reagan's strengths touted by the conservatives was his ability to get good people working for him. I seriously doubt that Reagan would hire Webb as Navy Secretary if Webb was a "60's liberal.' You don't tell very good lies.
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    Go read the Q&A.

    PS. Maybe he was a conservative. But he clearly is not in this campaign.
  9. When did the neocons stop lying?
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