Geopolitical trading opportunities

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  1. I will start this off.

    The UK has moved her best warship to the Falkland Islands and is preparing for war with Argentina, who wishes to steal the Falklands from the UK.

    Britain's response to Argentinian aggression is likely to be devastating and a massive attack on the Argentinian mainland is inevitable.

    I am adding to my short portfolio of Argentinian stocks, which are likely to get a hammering.

    Any ideas on how to play our future wars with Iran and Pakistan?
  2. I don't see Falkland Islands War Part II happening looks like a pissing contest for now.
  3. The UK can't afford a war at the moment.
  4. The UK could use the future oil revenues from the Falklands coast to finance the war, if it wins. If Argentina wins and gets the oil, it could do likewise.

    We should use this opportunity to sell weapons to both the UK and to Argentina, in order to have a prolonged and very profitable war. Our defense companies can make a load of $$$ from this. By selling weapons to both sides, we get oil contracts with whoever wins.
  5. We are in 21st century and still nations are waging war against each other.
    Human beings are not yet civilized.
  6. This is a thread about trading opportunities, not civilization.

    Anyway, most of the countries we have wars with are terrorists.