Geo Metro - The new Chic Car! - same mpg as Prius

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  1. The 1996 Metro's average of 40 miles per gallon nears that of the hybrid 2008 Toyota Prius -- priced at $21,000 for the cheapest model -- and bests most current cars by a long shot, according to government ratings. Older models of the Geo Metro, specifically cars from 1991 and the XFi edition, have the same average as the hybrid.
  2. this was my first car. when i had gotten it in high school, $5 to $10 got me anywhere I wanted for a week.

    I find it ironic that this thing is in demand now. I donated the car when I was done with it, but originally was going to sell it to someone for $200. A day or two before the sale, someone shot a bb gun at the car and shattered the rear window. The window cost about $250 to replace and repair, meaning that if I wanted to still sell the car, I'd essentially have to pay the guy $50.
  3. driven right, a prius can achieve well north of 65mpg on the highway and 90mpg in the city.
  4. It costs $20000 more than a Geo Metro though. :)
  5. Yes but there's something to be said for
    1) reliability of a new car
    2) a warranty
    3) cargo capacity
    4) comfort
    5) safety (extremely important)
    6) more power and performance
    7) lower emissions
    8) prestige
    who would be caught dead in a metro? seriously.
  6. But who wants to drive a GEO metro, those things are shitboxes. I would never want to get into a wreck driving that piece. I usually see fat guys driving that small car which is funny to see.
  7. Come on... the convertible is HOTTT! Perfect for the summertime! :D

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    Ha! 20 grand and a new set of batteries every 5 years (couple grand here and there who cares you get 20 more miles to the gallon). Unless you are a green snob with no financial sense (I know several) you could get any number of cars that get great gas millage for a fraction of the cost. Believe it or not there is such a thing as monetary waste pollution (paying an inordinate amount more than you have to for the same bottom line effect). The argument for a Pruis over any number of other economical cars is like someone telling you that it is a good financial decision to buy a new car every 2 years and trade it back in.

    Just remember whatever crap box your in if its a metro or a plastic pruis, when an 18 wheeler or bridge gets in your way at 55 -65 your dead. :D
  9. Can someone explain to me what all the hype is behind a vehicle being "hybrid". 40-50mpg doesn't seem like that big of a deal when any little shitbox 4-cylinder will get you 30-35.
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    My Trek gets UMPG. (Unlimited Miles Per Gallon) And the emission levels are great!
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