GENZ Invests in EXAS

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  1. ya theres money in it for GENZ when you can show via a marker the presence of a disease and to specify "exact" treatment for it.

    Also helps out during the trials- you have a hardier sample and something to use towards gaining a significant p value.
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    BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN) announced that Genzyme (GENZ) notified the company that, in rare circumstances, it has detected foreign particles in some products filled at the Allston Landing facility. To ensure that patients are not exposed to foreign particles during product administration, Genzyme has issued a "Dear Doctor" letter to all physicians treating patients with enzyme replacement products that it markets, including Aldurazyme. The letter states that foreign particles have been found in some vials filled at Genzyme's Allston Landing facility and reminds physicians, as a preventive measure, to use a 0.2-0.22 micron filter during administration. For Aldurazyme, this is essentially a reminder as the Aldurazyme approved product label has always recommended the use of a 0.22 micron filter when administering the drug. Accordingly, BioMarin does not expect this letter to have any substantial effect on the usage of Aldurazyme, or on the company's financials. Due to a mutual decision by BioMarin and Genzyme, BioMarin has been transitioning Aldurazyme production to other fill finish facilities
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