Gentrification and Racism

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    I have experience with racism.

    Racially diverse groups rarely get along. Racially diverse people can and do. Similar style of dress, speaking prose, interests, music, etc. will cause a mixed group to get along just fine with each other. Sprinkle that with a little common sense, thick skin and a bit of sensitivity and you could have Malcolm X asking Archie Bunker over for tea, if they have the same common ground.

    I've never known a pot smoker to be racist. He'll spark that fatty with Idi Amin if opportunity came along... and they'd enjoy it.

    Here's an article about gentrification:

    I've always been of the mindset of adaptation. If you cannot adapt to where you are at, go somewhere you can adapt to.
  2. I wonder what the correlation is between people with passports in red and blue states?
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    Red vs Blue is just a matter of ideals on a larger scale. I'm sure the pattern you are searching for will be there, however, statistics can be very ambiguous. Lines of demarcation need to be wiped out. Most intelligent people already know that battle cries for ones race (Mexican Pride!), political affiliation, and even countries (America #1), are outdated and now can actually be detrimental to our growth as peoples.
  4. Indeed, as I have told several. Gene Roddenbury. That is the future, we are going there, like it or not. A United Earth.
  5. If all political and ethnic group are eqally productive that would be fine. Till then some have to keep their standards or just become another Haiti .
  6. and do you think Haiti got there all by her lonesome?
  7. Of course not it is white people fault .
  8. The key to earning high honors from any university in the US of A.

    Blame whitey for everything, make sure to always reference the "white man's burden" and his continued responsibility for all the world's sins.
  9. Another linear thinker.
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    Definitely Ph.D material.
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